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Industrial Performance Coatings


tab-inductrial1Pacific Southwest Coatings provides performance coatings to the industrial market for corrosion protection, chemical containment, abrasion resistance, slip resistance, fire protection and substrate protection.


City of San Diego Water Treatment Plants
Hyperion Water Treatment Plant
Irvine Ranch Water District
LA County Sanitation
LADWP Water Transmission
MWD Water Transmission and Tanks
Orange County Sanitation
Port of Los Angeles

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Marine Coatings


USSIowa2Pacific Southwest Coatings provides marine coatings for the U.S. Navy, U.S. Coast Guard, heavy marine, work boat and recreational marine markets with best in class products designed to provide extended lifecycle, superior performance and ease of application.
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USS Freedom
USS Iowa, historic restoration
USCGC Bertholf
USCGC Edisto
USCGC George Cobb
USCGC Hikory
USCGC Petrel
USCGC Sea Otter
USCGC Stratton
SS Cape Henry
SS Cape Hudson
SS Cape Isabella


Floor Coatings


tab-flooring1Pacific Southwest Coatings provides performance coatings and slip resistant coatings for high traffic floors. Whether your needs are for high grade finish slip resistant walking surfaces or floors that must stand up to heavy physical or chemical abuse, Pacific Southwest has the coating systems that will meet your requirements.
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Adventuredome MGM Resorts, Las Vegas, NV
Belmont Park Restaurants, San Diego, CA
Dole Foods, Atwater, CA
High Performance Aircraft, El Cajon, CA
Mercedes Benz Superdome, New Orleans, LA
Quail Air Center, Las Vegas, NV
San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station, San Clemente, CA
USC Portico, Los Angeles, CA

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tab-oemPacific Southwest Coatings specializes in original equipment and fabrication coatings for industrial equipment and commercial equipment manufacturers. Pacific Southwest prides itself on developing performance coating systems that meet not only performance and life cycle requirements, but also through put and process requirements that are important to the manufacturing cycle.
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Global Air Filtration Manufacturer
Global Exhaust Silencer Manufacturer
Global Gas Turbine Manufacturer
Global Industrial Fan Manufacturer
National Industrial Switchgear Manufacturer
National Pad Mount Switchgear Manufacturer
National Water Transmission Pipe Manufacturer


Commercial Architectural


commercial-architectural-thCommercial architectural paints and coatings from Pacific Southwest Coatings consist of extended life cycle performance coatings and low application impact protective coatings for occupied buildings where fine grade finishes and aesthetics are required.
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500 S. Main, curtain wall, Orange, CA
3000 Clearview, exterior, San Mateo, CA
6300 Wilshire, curtain wall, Los Angeles, CA
Alexander Calder’s Flamingo, Chicago, IL
Bel-Air Country Club, fencing and structural steel, Los Angeles, CA
Broome Library, exterior and interior mullions, Cal State University Channel Islands, CA
CalSTRS, interior mullions and structural steel, Sacramento, CA

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Occupied Space Solutions


occupied-space-solution-thPacific Southwest Coatings supplies performance coatings that can be applied while businesses are open and operations are ongoing. Whether you are operating a Las Vegas resort or your renovation is in a mid-Wilshire high rise, Pacific Southwest Coatings has performance coating solutions that can be applied safely, without offensive odors and with minimal impact on business operations.
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Adventuredome, MGM Resorts, Las Vegas, NV
Broken Arrow High School Football Stadium, Broken Arrow, OK
California State University Long Beach, Long Beach, CA
Draft Restaurant, San Diego, CA
Henry J Kaiser Memorial Park, Oakland, CA
Mercedes Benz Superdome, New Orleans, LA
Neustar, Inc., San Francisco, CA

Performance Industrial, Marine and Commercial Coating Systems

Pacific Southwest Coatings covers the Pacific South Western United States and Baja California with performance coating technical sales, recommendations and specifications.  From industrial performance to marine to commercial architectural, Pacific Southwest Coatings has the coating systems that protect against corrosion, provide facility preservation, offer extended life cycle performance, improve flooring safety and optimize commercial architectural performance.  Our principals include PPG Performance and Marine Coatings as well as Precision Coatings.  Proven performance coating brands such as ABC3, Albi Fire Protection, Amercoat, Amerlock™, Amershield™, Aquapon, Coraflon™, Dimetcote, Durethane™, EeZeClean, Hi-Temp Coatings, Keeler and Long, Megaseal, Nexeon™, Novaguard, PC3v100, PC5, PC6, Phenguard, Pittchar™, Pitthane Ultra™,  PSX, Sigma Coatings and SlipShield are available through Pacific Southwest Coatings. See our recent coating projects…

Coatings that Protect and Perform

Pacific Southwest Coatings specializes in performance coating solutions for corrosion, abrasion, extended life cycle performance, marine, offshore, chemical containment, biological containment, high temperature, fire protection and commercial architectural specialty applications.  Our team of highly experienced performance coatings professionals annually influences the application of millions of square feet of coated substrates including carbon steel, concrete, galvanized steel, stainless steel, non-ferrous metals, gypsum board, glass, composites, fiberglass, architectural foam and plastics. See our recent coating projects…