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Color Selection and Performance CoatingsPSX

Pacific Southwest Coatings provides performance coatings with color, color that makes a statement, color that adds pop to a project and color with optical effects.  We provide designers, specifiers and architects some of the best color tools in the industry from PPG and Precision Coatings.  From PPG’s Voice of Color® to Precision Coatings metallics and iridescents we will provide performance coatings that will make your project stand out.

Precision Coatings Color Sample Gallery

PPG Voice of Color®

Frank Lloyd Wright™ Color Collections

Frank Lloyd Wright’s palette, based on his 1955 Taliesin Color Palette, is timeless and influenced by nature. The colors offer the perfect way to add an organic feel to your performance coatings project. This PPG exclusive collection provides colors and tips to achieve Wright’s contemporary look while utilizing his design principles.

  • Frank Lloyd Wright™ Taliesin West™ 1955 Color Palette from PPG

  • Color Palette from PPG

    Fallingwater® is a property entrusted to the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy, Mill Run, PA

Vicente Wolf”s Color Selections

This exclusive color collection from international designer Vicente Wolf is a reflection of inspirations from his travels around the world. It contains his hand-picked hues and harmonies along with Vicente’s personal commentary to guide you to professional results.

PPG Voice of Color® Color Selection Tools